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Lecture 7

POL114H5 Lecture 7: Anderson’s Nation

Political Science
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Lee Ann Fujii

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Thursday, October 22, 2015
Lecture 7 Notes
Anderson’s Nation
-Who lives in states?
subjects of the king
diverse population backward peasants
-people who live in these society,
-look at the world from below
-how ppl are tied to each other
-group, state, king
-national flag
-national currencies (money)
-national language (official languages)
-national militaries
-tomb of the unknown soldier (all over the globe, signify the monument to the all
men and women who fought for the nation
what is the big deal about Nations ?
-Karl Marx in the reason
-Industrial Revolution
massive industrialization that is going on
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Thursday, October 22, 2015
production through manufacturing goods in these massive factories
people are streaming from their farms since they are making less money and
moving into the cities where these factories are
child labour, Dicksons, poor living conditions, working 12 days a week
this pushed for laws, limit work days, child labour was made illegal
displacement, creating a new group of people called workers
going in the Europe, us, Canada, happening in any developed country
creating workers and capitalist
capitalist own everything
workers own nothing, starving to death from working so much
out of this period Marx comes up with a theory of political theory
-most important ways in which people are going to identity as a worker or as
a capitalist
-capitalist are the few and wealthy
-workers are going to rise up together, going together and stage a revolution
to over throw the capitalist (the captains of the industry and the state)
-he believed that the state supported the capitalist who make money of the
-workers are going to rise up as workers not as french men, english men,
germans but all workers
-problem was that he was wrong
marx did not anticipate the idea of how powerful the nation was for being
an amercian, cambodian
that would be more important then being a worker
-Anderson’s “nations”
nation is imagined political community
-imagined means that most people won’t meet everyone in the community
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