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Lecture 7

POL114H5 Lecture 7: Tutorial 7- Nationalism

Political Science
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Lee Ann Fujii

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015
POL Tutorial Notes
Nationalism (ON THE EXAM)
-The Nation: A Shared and Imagined Community
Tilly argued that the state, as a centralized power apparatus, emerged from war
the nation did not evolve in tandem with the state
the nation evokes extremely powerful emotions it offers a sense of belonging and
resonates powerfully with a population
-What conditions led to the emergence of the nations?
a privileged language, which offered access to the religious scripture, lost its
the notion of divine right began to decline
the old conception of temporality, where time was non-existent, began to decline,
and hence a new ideology was needed to attach meaning to drudgery
-Why two products helped facilitate the birth of nationalism?
the novel and its mass distribution
the newspaper and it mass distribution
both were closely tied to the birth of capitalism
why were these products so important for the mergence of nationalism
-the implications of nationalism
Why is the nation imaged?
what have been some of the implications of the nation for global relations between
the states?
is the nation subordinate to others categories such as race and class, or does
nationalism take precedence?
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