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Lecture 5

POL114H5 Lecture 5: Tutorial 5- Essay and Democracy

Political Science
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Lee Ann Fujii

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Politics Tutorial Notes 5
Essay and Democracy
(Webber, 1919,2)
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Faulhner, William.1990. Absalom, Absalom!. New Tor: Vintage Books.
-year has to go after the author
-Schmitter: What Democracy is ….
democracy does not consist of a single set of institutions. The specific form
democracy takes in contingent upon a country;s socio-economic conditions, as well
as its entrenched states structures and policy practices.
modern democracy is a system of governance in which rulers are held accountable
for their actions in the public realm by citizens, acting indirectly through the
competition and cooperation of their elected representatives.
system of governance: is a pattern which determines the methods of access to
offices- to work properly, this must be institutionalized. This means that it must be
known, practiced and accepted by most actors. (IE. VIA THE RILE OF LAW)
rulers: persons who occupy specialized authority roles and can give legitimate
commands to others.
faction exist and often mediated through elections. They are mediated though
elections, but in between they are subject to a variety of competitive processes and
channels for their expression of interests and values.
majority rule and minority rights: protected through constitutional provisions.
Representatives: Do most of the work in modern democracies- most are based on
territorial constituencies.
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