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Lecture 10

POL114H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Slavenka Drakulić, The Peace Keepers, Fathom

Political Science
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Lee Ann Fujii

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Lecture 10 - Drakulic's Trial
November 12, 2015
4:06 PM
Last Week
Non-Ethnic explanations
o Thugs (Mueller)
o Christia (economic relations
This weeks
o For whom?
o For What?
o In whose name?
o Usually is in names of others showing one side of the story
Back to Bosnia…
Bosnian War
o War of besieged enclaves
1984 Winter Olympics
Under siege 1992-1995
"UN designated Safe Areas
Eastern Bosnia
Srebrenica, July 1995
o Declared "safe area" in 1993
o Just bc it’s a safe area, doesn't mean that they're being well-fed or anything.
o 400 UN PKs (Peace keepers)
o The peace keepers are also not well-equipped
o So the UN is running out of the same things that the civilians are running out.
o Attacked by Mladic's forces
o 25K +refugees => Potocari
o UN blocks NATO bombing
o PKs surrender
o 7,000-8,000 men murdered
Slavenka Drakulic
o Grew up in Tito's Yugoslavia
o Nice life in Zagreb
o Travelled widely
o Friends and contacts all over
o Multiple languages
Why read Drakulic?
o Complex Story => personal as a Yugoslavian
o To get a glimpse of individual actors
o Help us understand
but not excuse war crime that people committed
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