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Political Science
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Themes of the Course:
- Uncertainty and Fear
oIn the last several years or decades foreign policies have been shaped
by uncertainty and the fear of being attacked
oThis fear is based on ignorance
oFinding a common meaning = finding a common reference
- Refugees
oOnly in the last 40yrs had the concept of refugees really developed
- Globalization
oMain theme
oOne world one system
oConnections between different entities at the level of citizen,
corporation, state, etc
oThe state delivering services to its citizens
oPost-9/11 decade is fading away
Terror never ends but terrorist groups do end
What is the nature of terrorist groups and how do they act?
Level of Analysis
- August 6-9 1945
oUS dropped bombs on Japan
oWorld was changed forever
oWhy and how did an elected official agree to wipe out hundreds of
thousands of civilian deaths?
Truman when brought into office was unaware of the nuclear
Military advisors set the terms and presentation to Truman
Generals presented the use of the weapon as a tool to save ¼
million American soldiers
Believed 100 000 Japanese deaths would be worth the trade
Believed it would end the war immediately
Believed it would even save more Japanese lives if invasion
was necessary
The true rational of the Pacific War
Military officials would not want to waste a nuclear bomb
on a demonstration of threatened destruction
Nuclear bombs had to be used (were considered normal
Possible revenge for Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour
- Fall of the Berlin Wall
oCollapse of the Wall was unforeseen and a complete surprise for political
scientists and political leaders
oMany western leaders were in denial
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