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Bridget Jankowski

LIN200 - Lecture 1 What is Language?  ASL considered a language w/o spoken part of it  body language example of an informative signal Hockett's Design Features of Human Language  iconicity: ex. no-smoking sign, stop sign w/o wrd "stop"  Onomatopoeia: not always the same in every language (sound of a cat "meow" in English, different in Japanese)  Think of Arbitrariness as more of a continuum that a binary  Discretness: in English, the sounds "p" and "b" are discrete  Displacement: Animals can't show displacement in their communication o ex. cat can tell you it want food now by making sounds and circling around food bowl, but can't tell you he wants food in 1 hour  Productivity: need to know rules of the language  Duality of Patterning: each language has a finite # of discrete sounds which are recombined  Vervet monkeys: cough to alert others an eagle is approaching (instead of imitating eagle sound)  Honeybees: show displacement thru drone dances, can't show displacement up (heigh
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