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Preposition Phrasal prepositions Simple preposition -the position BEFORE followed by the noun phrase ex: In the box, because of Ian, regarding the house, since yesterday -it signals a relation between a noun phrase and another phrase like NP, andADJP, or a VP Difference between prepositions and adverbs -many words that function as prepositions can function as adverbs as well. *prepositions are always followed by their object (an NP) adverbs occur alone Verb particles -many phrasal verbs formed through the combination of a verb particle. Ex: Bob looked up the definition. Mary turned in early. Difference between prepositions and verb particles 1. Meaning-the particle and the verb from a unit of meaning, while the preposition forms a unit of meaning with its object. Ex: 2. Mobility- if the phrasal verb takes an object (it is followed by an NP), the particle can be moved to a position following the pronoun form of the object. Ex: *Some verb particles are identical in form to adverbs. 2 ways to tell the difference between the two. 1.Omission: due to the fact that adverbs are usually optional in a sentence, while verb particles never are. If the word can be omitted and the sentence still preserves its main meaning, then the word is an adverb Ex: 2.Question: we can often ask a question about an adverbial modifier (where, when, why, how, how many...etc) but we can never ask questions about particles. Ex: ULTIMATE CHART! Conjunction: conjoin grammatical structure 3 types of conjunctions -coordinating -conjunctive adverbs -subordinating Coordinating conjunctions -something like and, but, or, yet, nor, or, so...etc. -it join gramatical structures of similar form. -some oc
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