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Lecture 22

MAT135Y5 Lecture 22: Week 8 - Sequences

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Maria Wesslen

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Sequences Definit A equenue is an indefinitely 10ng list numbers, eg. 1, 4, There are monu nato ns at a za San Often nth -few e do sketch the Gran o These sea 2. divergent 3, a divergent Limits of sequences is defined as usual limits, but the only limit we can take is. N an f it ex sts, Ms Converom Otherwise, it's dwergomi suppon thot a f(n) or n n htna and that then few stems) does nG change Note. Theonurm means that he can use previous techniques find For example, L'Hopita izing, divisar pou Evaluate the tim e Sinn i G Sinn than Exa. Factorial Notation a Find the O Convergent mportort Suppose, con sta DNE
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