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Dave Swanston

MGM101 Lecture 1 Article: Olive: Why Porter's island plans should fly  Summary: Porter Airlines which operates for Billy Bishop Airport is looking to expand and increase the size of their runway by 400m. They are trying to expand so jets could fly in from downtown to Los Angeles, Vancouver and Caribbean sun spots. Opponents like Olivia Chow and Councillor Adam Vaughan think expanding the runway will “industrialize the waterfront”, “they want to pave Lake Ontario or save Lake Ontario”. Chow (federal) wants his ideas against this initiative to win against Rob Ford (business friendly who supports Porter’s plans) in the next election. Although having the plans accepted will isolate Torontonians from the Waterfront and create toxins in Lake Ontario it is also beneficial to the economy. The new jets are fuel-efficient, less noisy, create more jobs, have standing status as a national airline with latest jets. There are possibilities for their acceptance because they are a winning business model with profitable fiscal years in a global industry that usually faces losses.  Having jets come in will give them more opportunities to promote good and services  Increase services  There are oppositions from politicians (NDP (pro-labour), Conservative party which is a.k.a pro- business, The Green Party (cares about the environment))  Every party changes their objectives from election to election  Hence, it is important to know who are players within business environments and the economy  There are many advantages: more people will fly from US to Canada, international income is made, more people will visit Toronto, they will buy more good and services in the area, local transportation for example will make more business, can be an economic benefit  Disadvantages: more like ‘Industrializing the Waterfront’, sounds like nature is being converted to a mechanical area with factories, polluting the air, high rise buildings and casino.  Therefore, when researching, it is important to look at how day to day activities affect businesses and businessmen.  There’s winners and losers on ever business
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