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Dave Swanston

MGM101 – Lecture 9 – Nov 8, 2013 Leadership About the articles: 1. Rob Ford should step aside, get help, politicians say, CBC News  • Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, was accused a year ago of doing drugs as seen in a video and is associated with known drug dealers • Bidding for the video; he denied doing drugs • Up until this week he didn’t agree, now as a result of investigations, arresting people, they found the video • He stepped up and agreed now, and says it’s a one-time thing, is an alcoholic • Another video released of him not in his senses • Doesn’t want to step down, next year’s elections will select his fate • Big leader of biggest city in Canada; this issue is global now • People want him to step down and get help • In a political environment what takes someone to be a good leader? Respect the law, have influence over people, have a good public reputation/example, a common person can relate to, integrity, good judgment • Should we hold them in a higher threshold since they have to be a lot more responsible and influential? Represents Toronto, is the international face, yes it is expected of him to be responsible, part of his job is to be a good representative • What could be done differently? Be promising and convincing, trustworthy (can’t elect a person who screwed up the last time), be the best choice, charismatic, be able to raise money , cannot always make everyone happy (make max people happy), take a stand • What it takes to get elected doesn’t make us a good leader, we see conflicts and denials, people talk but don’t take action which raises maximum issuesm we cant judge anyone before he is in office • To make things a little better, the public should be aware of issues and nominee histories, be active when their leader is being elected • We have no
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