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Lecture 9

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Dave Swanston

Lecture 9 - Leadership Articles Why is it so hard for CEOs to say sorry: Olive – Toronto Star • Corporate leadership class clings to idea that “fessing up” = sign of weakness • Leaders make decisions during times of uncertainty • Leadership accountability o While leaders do make mistakes should they accept them, and should they take responsibility for their actions? Why don’t they?  personal interest, afraid of losing followers, financial repercussions, liability, pressure from other stakeholders, open to more scrutiny, become representative of organization o How do we encourage leaders to take responsibility to their mistakes?  this would result in no risk taking – if businesses didn’t take risks ,there would be no progress/growth but when you take risk it opens you up to failures. If want leaders to be risk takers, then ppl have to accept that often things won’t work out and they can’t always be held completely responsible Rob Ford should step aside, get help, politicians say – CBC News • Originally denied doing drugs, after investigation he admits to doing so ; later video found of him in drunken stupor – of him cussing etc • On computer found of video of rob ford doing drugs with drug dealers • Questions his leadership skills • After a while has acknowledged what he has done (drunken stupors, drugs, etc) yet he is not willing to step down • Seems, once he accepted his faults, his popularity went up, but now again seems to be decreasing • What does it take to be a good leader? – reputation, vision (clear idea of what to do and where to go), good charisma (persuade ppl to do right thing), emotional intelligence, integrity • What does it take to be elected as a leader? Do you have to lie, make false promises or do you have to be charismatic, ppl with integrity  and is it possible to elect the RIGHT people? What does it take? • Cannot satisfy ALL stakeholders What makes a great leader? • Able to influence – mobilize resourc
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