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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dave Swanston

Management in changing environment • Canada is on decline o Canada’s economic indicators have not been very strong and Canadians have created debt  with debt, Canadians will start to reduce spending which will stagnate economy o Better for exporters as Canadian dollar drops  as their products seem cheaper • Not an economy that has always been strong/weak  business environment, culture changes  causing economy evolve • Balance of power shifts • Canada has been seeing a decline in manufacturing  how revenue created and are being productive therefore create wealth  which spend in economy  NOT DEBT but money that they have earned o With no manufacturing – turn into a more knowledge based economy – the wealth is created more on paper (financial wealth) – therefore owners, investors earning money not the ACTUAL labourers get a piece of the wealth = make wealthy richer and poor poorer  if keep getting poorer have no incentive to get better job • Do not want to as managers make same mistakes from past • blackberry share prices are up – recently has nothing to do with profits/losses while there is a relationship but when the prices go up and down it does not affect the fluctuations to a large degree --> firm can manipulate market to attain higher share prices o the balance of power is shifting too much – it needs to come back to balance to provide profits for all Managers responsible for making decisions under conditions of uncertainty about allocation of scarce resources towards achieving organization’s strategic objectives. Role = complex due to changing environment – manager’s role is evolving w/ broader expectations Article:The only silver bullet: successfully mimicking the leaf has the potential to profoundly change the global energy industry Case base method What is a case? Cases are usually built on real situations – allow us to examine challenges that man
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