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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dave Swanston

Increasing Sustainability can be beneficial for industry: Speaker - Matt Vanderkooy , Jan 17, 2014 • Geosyntec : international environmental consulting firm  technical focus: landfill/geotechnical design, etc • Sustainability is increasing • Had contaminated ground water • Sustainability : meeting needs of present without compromising ability of future generations to meet own needs o Social(equitable), environmental(bearable) , economic (viable)= triple bottom line • How can industry and environment be on the same page? o Drucker: creating and keeping customer – purpose of businesses o Friedman : increasing shareholder value – purpose of business o Both of these people require sustainable businesses • Why be a sustainable business o More of the world = customer – inputs from all over the world o Increase shareholder value o Not altruistic – make profit • Externalities o Carbon dioxide emissions Negative externality o Acid rain • Short term planning • Remedies o Excavation : excavation and off site treatment o Thermal : in-situ thermal stabilization • Building Models for sustainability o Identify materials and energy used and create model • Results o Star – is best remedy  would not work when have higher contamination of bacteria o Thermal – 2 best o Excavation – 3 best • Cost of results • Conclusion o Industry can benefit from sustainability o Externalities and short term planning distort beneficial relationship o Look to better sustainability in the economy, society and environment • Larger companies – will have sustainability plans (like dupont) for reputation, etc • Geosyntc – help clients with environmental problems – help with litigation, cases, help clean up, etc o Want to work with clients who want to do the right thing and care for the environment and provide remedy • Is there remediation where you can’t help – yes as often costs billions of dollars and likely will not reach a solution ACTUAL LECTURE • Save the frog o If drop frog in hot water – it will jump out, put it in cold water – it will be happy, yet if slowly start to increase the water temperature – it will die and boil to death  As humans we are good at responding to shocks and responding to massive incidents (try to help each other out and be good citizens) – once emergencies are over go back to doing things the way they are  if things happen instantly – people react right away , yet when things happen gradually (e.g. global warming) people do not make a difference  like frog we are warming up really slowly – and it will soon be too late  want to be more proactive – and notice that these small incremental steps make a difference • business success depends on health of our planet • is this ability for things to keep going , to sustain themselves now, in the future and forever • Respon
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