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University of Toronto Mississauga
Jonathan Peterson

Parfit Text NotesSimple TeletransportationI go through a teleportation device where I am scanned destroyed at point A and recreated at point BBranchLine CaseI go through a teleportation device where I am scanned and recreated somewhere else but the first me is not destroyedQualitatively identicalexactly alike in appearance and personalityNumerically identicalone and the sameThree questions to ask1What is the nature of a person2What makes a person at two different times one and the same personWhat is necessarily involved in the continued existence of a person over time3What is in fact involved in the continued existence of each person over timePhysical Criterion1What is necessary is not the continued existence of the whole body but the continued existence of enough of the brain to be the brain of a living personX today is one and the same person as Y at some past time if and only if 2 enough of Ys brain continued to exist and is now Xs brain and 3this physical continuity has not taken a branching form4Personal identity over time just consists in the holding of facts like 2 and 3Psychological Criterion1
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