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Descartes Notes

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Jonathan Peterson

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Descartes NotesAn Argument for SkepticismP1If S knows that P then it isnt possible that S is mistaken in believing that PP2It is possible that s is mistaken in believing that PCTherefore S doesnt know that PIf I have a reason to doubt P then I do not know that PFoundationalismto reject everything that you have ever known and start from the beginning Demolish the foundations of the house that you built and build it again from only things you are certain ofAnything that we have a reason to doubt is to be discardedThis process is called meditationRadical skepticismneither my beliefs about the external world nor my belief that 224 are certainReasons to doubt1The senses deceive us about small and distant objects illusions2I may be a madman who thinks I have true perceptions3I may be dreaming4God may have made me in a way that I am systematically deceived about what goes on around meWere told to be created by a good Go
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