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Descartes and DualismJan 6Mind is immaterialPlatowe remember things that we dont remember from this particular lifeDisagreement from Lucretius 1the mind and spirit have a material natureFor it is an observable fact that they impel the limbs wrench the body from sleep transform the countenance and pilot and steer the whole person and since we perceive that all these operations imply touch and touch in its turn implies matter are we not bound to acknowledge that the mind and spirit consists of material substance2The mind suffers in concert with the body and sympathizes with itEven if a spear fails to strike the vitals when it is driven into the body with quivering force and severs ones and sinews it induces faintness and sinking to the ground and a dizziness of mind so the mind must have a material nature since it is affected by the painful blows of material spearsMonismmind and body is the same physical type of thingDualismmind and body are two distinct thingsThe indiscernibility of identicals is made by Descartes to disprove mononismIf two things are identical they must have all the same propertiesP1m has property PP2b does not have property PP3If m has a property that b lacks then m is not bP4m is not bP1the brain An argument for dualismP1I cannot doubt that I have a mindIndubitable existence Cogito Ergo SumP2I can doubt that I have a body P3The mind and the body are not identicalSecond argument for dualismP1Body has properties of divisibility and extension matterP2The mind does not have the properties of divisibility or extensionCThe mind and body are not identicalThe nature of the bodyI might consider the body of a man as kind of machine equipped with and made up of bones nerves muscles veins blood and skin in such a way that even if there were no mind in it it would still
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