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Jonathan Peterson

Vogel NotesDescartes notes that none of our beliefs can be true since there are always reasons to doubt However in every day life we apply the commonsense view and inference to best explanationIs there any good reason why we do soTo answer this question we apply 4 principles1No ad hoc explanationsNo silly explanations that cannot be falsified2A simpler explanation is a better explanation3An explanation that explains more all other things being equal is better4No need to talk about scientific beliefsWe call our current commonsense explanation of the world the real world hypothesis RWHAccording to skeptical hypothesis the world is filled with alternatives of beliefs that we have no reason to rejectBut there IS reason to reject many of themMany alternative explanations are ad hoc silly complex and farfetchedThe skeptic holds no power until he can find a satisfactory alternative and not one that is burdened with ad hoc explanationsSo to find something to argue about we must find a good explanation that explains the worlds pattern of properties relations and generalizationsjust as well as the RWHIt would explain the sensations and perceptions that RWH gives usAn example of this is the Computer Skeptical Hypothesis CSH a t
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