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Lecture 6

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Jon Rick

Lecture 6  Socrates is saying that there are more likely more corrupters than Meletus suggests o It doesn’t say he’s not one of them  Socrates seems to use the horse analogy to  Replies to corrupting the youth (25C and 25A) o Youth are the future of the society o Future when you’re still there  So corrupting the youth will tear everything down o Socrates says that he is not trying to intentionally harm himself  He says if he’s doing it unintentionally then he should be corrected, not punished  No intentional self-harm Argument o He doesn’t feel his philosophy is harmful to the youth o He shows that at least he believes he is doing good  Is Socrates reply to the charge of Impiety persuasive? Is it an adequate defense? o 28E-29A o Socrates describes his philosophical life in a way that suggests that what he is doing is the truly just life o This turned Athenian values on its head o He is also saying that it is his command from his daimonic god to do this o He is supposed to live his way opposed to Athenian ife o More single minded  Consider what Socrates does not say as well as what he does say about the gods? o Making the weaker argument strong? o Is he trying to manipulate the jurers Crito  Many compelling themes: o One should not give deference to Majority of Public Opinion o The Just life is more worthwhile that life itself o Civil Disobedience o So
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