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Lecture 5

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Jon Rick

APOLOGY What does it mean?  Defense; an explanatory vindication of defense.  Socrates is defending himself against charges.  Structure of Apology: He claimed to have forgotten who he was What are the First Accusations?  Commits injustice 19b-19c  2 charges o Questions the beliefs that are already set in place – challenging conventional beliefs and norms o Teaches these things to others – this is a charge of Sophistry; claiming to falsely have expert knowledge and teaching students for a fee  He says “no I’ve never taught for a fee, I teach equally to the rich and the poor, I’m not a teacher… etc.” Real Source of the First Accusations/Slander (according the Socrates)  These are slanderous charges  He tries to explain what he does what he does  He says his friend went to the oracle and asked “is there any man wiser than Socrates” and the oracle says there is no man wiser than Socrates  So he tries to find men
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