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Lecture 7

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Jon Rick

Crito  Never Violate any Laws  Conflicts with the apology 1. The case of the 10 generals (32b-c)  Athenians realized that the order of the council itself was illegal  When he refused he was standing by the law, not against it 2. The Case of the Leon from Salamis (32c-d)  Asked by the 30 tyrants who had taken over, and sends Socrates and others to bring Leon for his execution  Looks like a case of violating legal authority  A kin to breaking the law  Is it?  Tyrants weren’t a legitimate authority  Socrates is not doing wrong because he is under Athenian law  No contract with the tyrants, nothing binding him 3. Socrates’ reply to the Imagined Jury Verdict to cease Philosophizing (29c-d)  This is a situation in which they are discussing the possible penalty  Socrates says there is no way he would stop philosophizing  He said he would obey the god over them  He will disobey because he is following his god  Laws of Verdicts Argument (50a-b) – very important to the body of law. Without it there would be no penalty, and would lose efficacy 1. The law that verdicts should be carried out is fundamental to the whole system of law 2. Whoever attempts to disobey this law is attempting to destroy the entire system of laws 3. It would be wrong for Socrates to attempt to destroy the entire system of laws 4. It would be wrong for Socrates to attempt to disobey the law of verdicts 5. Attemptin
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