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Aristotle’s Physics I & III th Monday, November 11 , 2013 Physics vs. Metaphysics  Metaphysics studies beings in general – not just as they are subject to change o Wants to understand what they being is o Main being that was understood to be primary? Substance?  Physics interested in natural objects o Inquiry into things we see around us o Things that aren’t created by human beings o How they are perceived in the world  How they are acquire and how they change  Subject to change Change is Puzzling  191a24-28  What is it? How does it occur?  We see that change is a difficult concept to grasp  “Nothing can come to be from what is not”  Parmenides – if they already were than how did they change to be what it is now? o We can’t think nor speak of what is not A Puzzle from Parmenides  Not possible to think of change unless it is possible to think of generation  Change can be thought of here as “Socrates coming to be” – musical or pale  Change is unthinkable/incomprehensible despite our perceptions of the world being full of change – we are wrong about that Aristotle on Change Change involves Contraries  Change involves the coming-to-be or ceasing-to-be contraries  How can something come to be pale from musical?
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