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Lecture 4

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Lecture 4 PHL 240 Saul Kripkerigid designators and identity David ArmstronCombining CS identity and phil Behaviorism Jorry Fodoilays out what functionalism is about CSCentral State Identity A priori a posteriori Even if it is learnt a posterioriit can be true Kripke thinks advantages of theoryits applicationone is what we learn when we make advances in scienceit is what is the case of the world Egwatersubstance You learn this by experience Water has to be composed of pairs of H20 This is a discovery Before 1700 then spoke of water after they spoke of H20so a priori All of these things learnt are necessary truth Not every identification is a necessary truth One that depends on the referenceSome identifications are contingentthey could have been otherwise But some identifications are not contingent They could not have been otherwisethese are rigid designators Central state identi
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