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PHL283 Mar 17 201

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Jonathan Peterson

PHL283thMarch 17research in the developing world 3 problemso1 double standardo2 coercionthe offerbackground conditions the choices and options they have available to themdesperationo3 justiceavailability and compensationto participateto communitiesin the AZT trialsthe studies were done for the benefit of the developed worldexploitationoharmfulmutually advantageousoconsensualGuatemalanon consensual the people being forcefully infectedtheir consent wasnt obtained or they werent in the position to be giving consent mental patientsThe WalrusWayne Sumnerhistory of abortion lawsdebate about abortion was different at the timebut classic argument nonethelessshould we think of unborn fetuses as personsshould they have moral rights Are they alivesee it as 2 sideso1 abortion is immoral fetuses have a right to lifeo2 fetuses do not have the right to lifedont have that moral statusnothing wrong with abortionAn argument that abortion is morally permissible1a fetus is a person from the moment of conception2every person has a right to life3the fetus has a right to life4a persons right to life outweighs a womans rightto decide what happens to her body5the fetus may not be killedThompsons parallel argument1the unconscious violinist is a personyou find yourself waking up hooked up to another person on a bedhappens to be a very famous and very talented violinist who is suffering from a strange and unusual kidney failure and he needs to be hooked up to someone with a specific bloodyou happen tot be the only person in the world with that kind of blood so that he can survivehe needs to draw on your blood for 9 months and then he will be completely cured and you can go about your life
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