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PHL283H5S July 14thClass 3DeathSome Questions about Death1 What is death And when does death occur2 Is death a misfortune Is death bad for us3 Can death ever benefit us Or is it always a tragedyWhat is Death Three Accounts1 Traditional AccountDeath is the irreversible loss of respiration and a heart beat2 Whole Brain AccountOrganism viewDeath is the irreversible loss of the functioning of an organism as a wholeDeath occurs when there is an irreversible cessation in functioning of the entire brain including the brain stem3 Higher Brain AccountDeath is the irreversible loss of the capacity for consciousnessDeath occurs when the parts of the brain needed for the capacity for consciousness are permanently damaged so that the capacity for consciousness is no longer thereJeff McMahanChallenges to the Whole Brain AccountObjection 1Is only the brain capable of the integrati
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