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PHL283H5S July 28thClass 7Abortion PolicyRawlsPluralism and Public ReasonThe Fact of Reasonable PluralismCitizens of modern pluralistic democracies hold different views about how they ought to live and what they ought to value In Rawls language they hold different comprehensive doctrines and lack agreement about which comprehensive doctrine is right or bestThis disagreement is reasonableComprehensive DoctrineAttempts to answer how we should live what we should value who we should admire in a comprehensive and systematic wayExamples Catholicism Islam Preference Utilitarianism Kantianism etcReasonable accepts the fact of pluralism and a willingness to live and cooperate with others with whom one disagreesUnreasonableleads adherents to reject idea of cooperation with those with whom they disagreePolitical arguments and laws are justified only when they appeal to public reasonPublic ReasonNormative concept about how we ought to debate in the public sphere and attempt to justify lawsNorms that apply to all members of society should only appeal to reasons and arguments that those with conflicting yet reasonable doctrines can acceptDiffers from a commitment to secularismThe Content of Public ReasonFacts and scientific evidence that are clearPrinciples and values common to allShouldnt appeal to specific comprehensive doctrinesInstead reasons should be freestandingThe goalan overlapping consensusArguments in Favor of Public Reason1Stability of society2Respect for fellow citizens as free and equal justification of coercive laws1
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