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Jonathan Peterson

Bioethics: PHL283 Lecture One: January. 06. 2010 1 Syllabus Introduction Office Hours After class: Tuesdays (3-5pm) Wednesdays at 1030-11pm Email: [email protected] Course Requirements 1. Carefully and critically read the assigned textsarticles 2. Two written assignments, midterm tests and a final exam 3. Midterm testshort answer and essay 4. Final Examination35% The class ID and Enrolment password for TURN IT IN, is found on the syllabus. What is Bioethics? Bioethics deals with the policy making of healthcare and health policy. Bioethics is a question about a. Fair Distribution of health resources Lets say that you and your wife has to go through embritofertialization. However, you find out that the government does not pay for this within Ontario, however they do in Manitoba. Is this fair? Do people have a right, to have healthcare provided by the state? b. Abortion A very difficult question within bioethics. Are there any moral reasonsgrounds to say that one can have an abortion? c. Clinical Trials Clinical trials are where people test certain types of drugs on peopleanimals Is this ethical? People who take part in the clinical trials are usually poor, have no health care, ect. Is it okay to use these people in order to test drugs? d. Confidentiality Lets say that you are a physician who discovers that a patient is HIV positive, hence they are having unprotected sex with other people. Should
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