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January 9, 2013 • Death wish o We have a wish to kill ourselves but also to kill others  The important thing is that we have a wish to kill ourselves and we have to live with that • Parts of a mind o The totally unconscious part (the id) o The thoughts that come with the thought of ‘myself’(the ego) o The sense of guilt (the superego) • Lectures 2, 3, 4 o Parapraxis o Parapraxes o Look at bizarre errors ‘b-something and systematic errors?’  Pg 598? January 16, 2013 • Dreams o Descartes: you believe something is happening to you that isn’t in fact happening • Parapraxis o Faulty facts  Page 71  a woman went to a wedding and she forgot to put on her wedding dress  Mistakes you make that aren’t truly mistakes (woman forgot to try on her wedding dress before the wedding and she was soon divorced from her husband; woman signed legal documents with her maiden name for years before she finally started using her married name but was soon divorced)  These mistakes show your true feelings • Freud says that in the world, there are no chances o Everything that happens is determined. There is no such thing as free will; free will is just an illusion. • Free will and determinism • Three main reasons to believe in determinism o Fatalism  ‘que sera sera’ what will be will be  The view that we are powerless to do anything other than what we actually do. [1] Included in this is that man has no power to influence the future, or indeed, his own actions.[2] This belief is very similar to predeterminism.  If it’s true at one point, it will be true always.  If I am going to do well, there is no need for me to study  If I am going to do badly, there is no point in studying  Freud is not a fatalist o Universal Predestination  God is omniscient and omnipotent • When God created the entire universe, God knew everything that would happen o Scientific determinism  Everything is scientifically predestined • Ex. If I drop a book, I know exactly which direction it will fall in • Descartes challenged the claims of determinism o ‘I did this freely and it’s not subject to scientific law’ • Three types...? o Compatibilism o Incompatibilism • To live in free will is simply an illusion • Page 59 o ‘it may have been so, but it may just as well have happened otherwise’to the end of the second paragraph ‘I am sorry to say’ • Page 130 o Top • Page 41 and 42 o 4 lines at the bottom of 41 and continue on to 41 • Interpretation is Deuten • Page 54 o ‘Disturbed purpose and disturbing purpose’ o By disturbed, Freud usually means desired January 23, 2013 • Written January 30, 2013 • Skip 11 and 12 in book • Lecture on 13 and 14 next week • 279 o Same dream about wife that regrets marrying so early o Going to the theatre is a substitute for seeing what goes on in the parents’ bedroom • 155 o Children’s dreams o They are much more obvious than adult dreams  Diff b/w manifest and latent is very small o The dream is the reaction of the child’s mental life in his sleep to this experience of the previous day  Freud calls it the ‘residue of the day’ • Lecture 9 – Censorship of Dreams (167) o Bottom of 173-174  Resistance to interpretation o Bottom of 175  The libido chooses those objects without inhibition and prefers the forbidden ones (incestuous) o Last paragraph on 181 • Lecture 10 – Symbolism on Dreams o Majority of symbols in dreams are sexual o Page 258  ‘It is an untenable error to deny…’ o Oedipus Complex o Sublimation  Overcoming by something grand o Leonardo’s Madonna painting shows an outline of a vulture  Meaning of birds  Wings of a bird symbolize  Symbolize erection (190)  No man in the painting, but there is a symbol for the penis  Freud thinks Leonardo was homosexual March 13, 2013 • Footnote #4 on Page 450 • The act of repression is unconscious o We are not aware of it • Obsession o Keep repeating the same sequence of events o You repeat it because you feel you have to (you have a sense of duty) o Ex. Religion • We have three great fears o That something bad
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