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Lecture 6

PHL105Y5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Consequentialism, Welfarism, Ethics

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Devlin Russell

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PHL105 – Lecture 6 – Utilitarianism
What is a Moral Action?
A possible answer is: Utilitarianism
Consequentialism: a moral action producing the best
overall result
oThe best result is the one with the highest net value
of the good and bad consequences
Welfarism: well-being increases well being – intrinsic
A moral action is one that gives the best overall result
Best result increases overall well being
oUsing the three steps,
observe potential options
weigh the good and bad for each option
pick the action that produces the highest net
However, … (important notice)
Utilitarianism does not say: “choose the action that does
the most to improve YOUR well being “
oUtilitarianism theory says ALL lives matter
A moral action is an action that produces the overall net
well being
Also, this theory does not say: “choose the action that
does the most to improve the highest number of lives.”
oA moral action is one that produces the best overall
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