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PHY137H5F 2014 Lecture 1 - Introduction, Electric Charge and Electric Field.pdf

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Wagih Ghobriel

Lecture 1 - Introduction, Electric Charge and Electric Field Monday, 6 January, 2014 8:01 PM Formulas & Theorems Covered Today: Lecture Topic: Lab and tutorial roomshave been changed - all first year labs are now in DV1110.Gideon's office is now in DV1106L.Lab reports are now done collectivelyas a group. PHY137will focus mostly on electricityand magnetism, as well as light and modern physics (the special theory of relativity will be covered). This is chapters 17-21,24, and 27 in the textbook. The history of the study of electromagnetism: • 1600s:Gilbert names the force Electricus • 1700s:Benjamin Franklin discovers electricity • 1800s:Laming, Weber, and Faraday's contributions as well as ○ 1891:George Stony coins the term electron from the Greek word for amber and ion for the portion of the atom which gave it its charge ○ 1897:Thompson discoversthe electron • 1923:Milikan finds for atomsthrough the oil shop experiment, which eventually leads to finding the elementarycharge Charges can be negative or positive. • The elementarycharge is the electron, where • where ○ q represents the magnitude of the charge ○ N represents the number of electrons added or removed ○ e represents the electroniccha
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