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Lecture 4

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Political Science
Peter Loewen

Thursday January2612 POL111 Lecture 4 Canada in a Comparative PerspectiveConceptualizing and Measuring DemocracyExtensive form gameso Model interaction between individuals some interactions happen simultaneously such as the Prisoners Dilemma other games are sequential in which a person takes an action after which the other player respondso Citizens take action and the state responds to itthis is sequentialo Exit voice loyalty EVL game is expressing the idea that citizens have three essential choices they can be loyal to the government or to express their dissatisfaction and they can leave Imagine that you enter a neighbourhood and you think there is a problem with how the park is administered you could seek a councillor voice your concern or you could moveo Voice may mean that you organize groups or participate in electionso Under what conditions will the citizen exit stay loyal or voice Moves happened from order of left to right it starts with the citizen taking one of three actions they can exit voice their opinion or remain loyal each branch is a decisionE is the citizens payoff by exitingThe state benefits from the loyalty of the citizen because it gives it legitimacyBackward induction is used to analyze the final node of the citizen loyalty or exitThe citizen will exit because the payoff is greater The payoff of the state can be seen when the citizen exists or if the state responds choice is between 1 and L L1 which means the state will respond Penultimatesecond lastwhich would be the states decision in the EVL gameThe citizen is comparing the payoff of loyalty exit and the state if it respondso The citizen will voice because E1CVoicefirst node Exitat third node Respond Sub game perfect NEOne sub game starts at citizen another at the state and the last one is the citizen again 1
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