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Lecture 6

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Political Science
Peter Loewen

Thursday February0912 POL111 Lecture 6 Canada in a Comparative Perspective Decision Making in Democracieso Everyone needs to have a chance to have say in who governs and how they do ito You need to have some say in the outcome of democratic decision making o We value rationality they think their way through their problemso Everyone gets a saywhat makes a decision democraticit is that everyone gets a say some decision can be democratic such as deciding on going to a movie o We value it because of the way decision get made there something inherently good about people making collective decision having everyone have a say leads to a rational and better outcomeso The ability of democracy of everyone making rational decision may be limited Democracyo It is true that it arises from a majoritarian rational decision Democracy and Rationalityo Methodological individualismindividuals matter you start from the decision or preference of individuals o A person is rational because they have reason for what they did they are thoughtful about the decision they make nd 2 slide Completenessif you are given a choice between two outcomes you tell me how you think of themo 1you prefer chocolate icecream over vanilla o 2I like chocolate icecream as much as vanillao 3I like it just as I like the other one To be rational you need complete preference when you are given an option for two things you have say which you prefer you cant see that you cant make a decision in terms of which chocolate or vanilla is better Transitivityo If you prefer chocolate over vanilla and vanilla over strawberry then you like vanillao Logical chain through preferences 1
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