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Lecture 9

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Political Science
Peter Loewen

Thursday March1512 POL111 Lecture 9 Canada in a Comparative Perspective Classifying Democracieso By governmentspresidential parliamentary or mixed system o By electoral systemssuch as proportionalo By party systemsthe electoral system often determines the composition of party systemsFunction of partiesthey are groups of people in a team who compete in elections they promise things to voters and to try to gain their votes collectively they want to win office What function do political parties serve What problem are they solvingFunctional termsif you want to understand why an animal has certain features you ask whats the reason for that feature ie what do they have sharp teeth because they can tear through fleshSimilarly the function of parties serve a representative instrumental and an expressive functiono They are not perfectly defined and overlap a little bitWhat do parties do slide o Parties act as a link between individuals and the stateo They do it by recruiting the people who are going to be politicians o In Canada you could try to find a localnotable person in the community to run for officeo Aggregate pressurepolitics is a social choice with different people who have different demands parties collect all those preferences order them and say this time we are going for this policy they give people a vehicle to seek out their demands o They also look for groups to support them in return for expressing their complaints o Integrate individualsyou can get involved in the political process by joining an NGO or starting a petition about an issue lobbying a politician or getting involved with the partythey are the logical vehicle in which people are integrated into the political ordero After hearing what the population wants and aggregating it as well as after recruiting people in the party to give them an entry point to political order the final representative function they serve is to1
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