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Types of Democracy

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Political Science
Graham White

Forms of democracy Canada: an actual democracy Pub. In 1921 by lord Bryce o Well known athor of political science Positive aqssesment of cdn democracy From current perspective, many short comings in cdn democracy Result of a visit made to Canada While Canada wasnt perfect, it was an actual democracy, it was a solid and functioning democracy It was only a few years ago that most Canadian women to vote, though quebec didnt give any vote to women till 1940 Very few women ran and none elected women couldnt be a senator because you needed to be a person, which women werent Aborigional people could not vote, nevermind thweir other views of democracy o Raise or spend money to raise a legal challenge against the government o Aborigional children had to go to residential school No charter No public hearings, were unknown Discrimination of religious and race Few plebiscites or referenda Now laws or restrictions on how politians raised their monet or spend money,m and it was all secret no one knew about how money came in or went out By now from our point of view how are these characteristics be democratic Lessons Standards of democracy change We shoiuldn[t be complacent
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