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Political Science
Mark Lippincott

Chapter 1 The Origins of Political Ideologies The Cave The IllusionThe Reality of Education Platos Cave Pg 2 We begin with Plato and the Platos cave statement Def Means the dangers of domination and oppression as well as the equally perilous potentials of education and liberationPlato ingeniously compares the effect of a certain kind of education and the lack of it upon people to the following situation His allegory suggests them that although a philosophers education is fraught with difficulties it is the odyssey one must endure to become human to become more fully ware of the imprisoned way of life one has led in he pastFreedom and Force Explains how Platos story relates to the study of the philosophic roots of modern ideologies Domination in this story manifests itself by the human condition of selfenslavement where individuals misperceive their condition to be one in which they are free and in possession of the truth about the world they inhabit The people who are unaware of their surroundings think that they have a clear understand of the nature of the worldThe prisoners hug their chains believing that what they are experiencing constitutes all there is of reality Plato then explains a new form of domination the application of raw coercive and immediately perceptible forceDesigned to lead the prisoner from a condition of ignorance to an awareness angle of vision we hope to promote here as difference from manipulative position of the puppeteer who is seeking to dominate others Platos story enables us to consider how we might occupy one or another of the positions in the cave prisoners puppeteer philosopher and it enables us to gain an understanding of the dangers of any of these positionsWe must attempt to learn the ability to differentiate between the various shadows and puppets and analyze different claims to truth and illusion
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