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Political Science
Mark Lippincott

Plato’s Allegory of The Cave - Everyone is a prisoner of the cave; everyone without proper education is a prisoner of their own ignorance. - The prisoners are unaware they are prisoners. What they see, they are mistaking as reality; they are unaware that they are actually shadows. - There is an exit outside of this cave, it is steep and difficult, but leads to true sunlight. - They never try to escape their imprisonment, because they don’t know that they are prisoners. - If they were forced to leave this imprisonment and see reality, they would be tempted to return to their prison. - Once acclimatised, they can never return back to their previous life. The effect of education has provided them with a better understanding of life. - If the prisoner were to be placed back into the cave, with the knowledge they gained, will now be bad at guessing the shadows on the wall because they will be disinterested. Having seen the real thing, the shadows will no longer matter. - If the prisoner were to try and enlighten the other prisoners who had never seen the truth, they would most likely be killed and labeled as crazy. -If the prisoner were to decide to take an interest in what was happening they would decide to control the shadows. This is taking a political control over the cave. - If the prisoner were to use the puppet show as a way to change the cave. He could change the way the cave operates; he could revolutionize it. - In order to convince the masses, you have to cut corners and not tell the entire story. -In order to introduce a new ideology, you not only have to mobilize the new ideology but you must destroy the old one as well. - Ideologies are neither 100% true or false, they are contested and alternative versions of reality. They are half-truths. - In order to make pol
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