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Political Science
Mark Lippincott

POL113: Lecture #6 Monday, October 21 , 2013 Communist Manifesto: • Wrote it in order to motivate people try to simplify something that is far more complex • Want people to control of the system before it is too late • Directly challenging the rising and dominating system on the planet • Trying to direct capitalism or the rise of market relations so we can be freer • Pay attention to what is there on what do they say on the outset • They say capitalism is the best productive economic system on the planet for its superior productive • It’s global in it’s aspirations and effects • Transforms the earth and thus transforms us and our relationships with each other • An extremely powerful and creative force unleashed on the earth • Capitalism maximum and cheapest most efficient price o Dollar store • If the goal is maximum choice of commodities is capitalism • Capitalism is not only very powerful it searches the earth and uses ore and produces fancy products o It is also the most destructive forces on the Earth o Creation and destruction go hand-in-hand in capitalism o Old is bad, new is good o Capitalism is revolutionary o Out with the old, in with the new this is what makes the companies vibrant  iPhones (new features, new colours) o Re-invent the old to make is new (new advances) o Not only creates but bulldozes/demolishes  Example: Las Vegas o Follows no other goal or purpose other than to create more capital  More capital = more productive capacity (more workers, more support system for the factories, more factories).  Capitalism sinking Blackberry o Every company wants to wipe out competition and become a monopoly o Core drive is to wipe out competition to sell more products and have greater control over the market o Capitalism is global in it’s reach o Outer drive is to demolish o Constant search for human labor and resources o Capitalism is not a non-profit organization o Is also searching for new markets (places to sell things) o Without markets there cannot be more expansions o It is dependent on moving things around the world o Suffers from one major economic problem  Tends to drive itself off the cliff because its so revolutionary and relentless  Acrisis of over-production  For the first time we can solve hunger around the world but people are still starving  Companies competing want more market share so they use cheaper resources and lower prices trying to eliminate the competition • Capitalism creates its own grave-diggers • Government saves the capitalism economic system • It creates big governments • The more we survive the crisis the worse the next one will be • Capitalism gambles money that it does not have just like gamblers in Las Vegas o Think about the EU, countries like Greece and Italy over-spent on their
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