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September 12: Nature and Theories of Global Politics.docx

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Political Science

Nature of global politics Global politics affects us all. We live in a much more of an inter related world – where issues in 1 part of the world can affect us all. Most natural sciences – everyone aggrees on most part. A single paradime tends to dominate the particular feild of study, untill there are too many questions, and it shifts to a new paradime. In social sciences, no single paradime is dominant – no body agrees on anything There is no concesus of the meaning of politics – what is politics? The question is answered at many different angles. Politics is what states and governments do – the business of rule over a territorially boundaried society, the means portaining to this business of rule. d. easton view on politics: Politics is fundamentally about allocation – who gets what when where how? Things that are desired and not – obligations: taxes, going tpo the army, wealth. What we can do to fix allocation to an extent: - Custom – allocaqtion determined by birth and such, privilages, obligations. Birth allocation was not rebelled against – they had consensis. – custom can only deal with minor things, not emergencies or big issues, so it cannot live without command, there is always someone leading in that situation. - Exchange – capitalism, done by the market.demand and supply is what causes the division. Exchange requires equality. The buyer and seller are on equal terms. Every exchange has a contract – implicit contract – political authority needs to enforce a contract.... so exchange cannot live without command. - Command – allocations are done on the basis on command, because somebody said so “i am the boss” – command has no equality, involves domination on the person commanding, and submission on the person being commanded. The submission is based on how the commander can enforce the submission: violence. Carl schmitt view on politics: Order can only exsist within societies, and each of these societies can only enforce these orders by keeping themselves safe from other states. Basic dictemy that defines politics is a distiction between friend and foe. Us vs. The other. Each political issue is set between coexistence of other societies or defending against enemy societies. When a society is not compatable with own security or ideas, they are a foe. Promary instict against the foe is not allocation, but survival. Allocation is meaningless if we cannot guarantee survival. Politics trumps law! Rule of law is that the law is above politics. Politics does not equal the law, shmitt things politics is superior to the law. Effectiveness of politics is what cou
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