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October 3: Economics/International Relations + Cold War Recap.docx

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Political Science

Politics week 4 lecture notes THE COLD WAR 4 demensions: - Ideological – confrontation of 2 different ideologies... communism vs capitalism/liberalism - Geopolitics – soviet union and capitalists and their allies and where they wer located and how that affected it, soviet union had the heartland, and that might take over the world. But that was rivalled by control of the oceans... the west owned the oceans - Strategic dimension – deterrence.. arms race between NATO and Warsaw Pact... nuclear arms race. MAD – mututally assured destruction (they can destroy each other if they attacked each other) - International dimension – great powers and alliances and how alliances can shift. Concert of th Europe – the alliances kept people from attacking each other in 19 century. Cold war reintroduced the bipolar alliance system since WWI and WWII – US VS SOVIET RUSSIA. Countries had to choose 1 of the sides to assure their own security. NATO VS. WARSAW PACT TREATY. Alot of smaller countries joined asweel, not just strong ones. Several states didn’t join neither side.,. made the Non-Aligned Movement. (india – didn’t wanna join Britain or Russian, iran, Egypt, Indonesia) from the western side, and soviets thought non-aligned movement was unacceptable. Iran was overthrown... by backing of the CIA. Egypt got a new leader who sided with US. Indonesia leader was overthrown by backing of CIA. India leaned more towards soviets because Pakistan (mortal enemy) was backed by USA... so india got military support from soviets. There wer lots of proxy wars, where countries aligned with 1 side fought countries aligned with the other side. EX. Korean War... North Korea (soviets) vs south korea (US), Vietnam War. Africa – the colonies in Africa wanted to become independent.... and most of the groups wanting independence wer backed by the soviets. Angola (Africa) gained independce after the colonial govn of Portugal in 1976.. guerrillas overthrew it (soviets). The Kalashnikov is on the flag now to a tribute to the soviet guerrillas. The west decided to take down angola, through their economy.. they had oil. The western guerrillas attacked the western oil company installations in the soviet controlled angola. Cuba came to help, and sent soldiers. Containment – meens the west will not eliminate the soviets, but just contain them in where they already have influence. Domino theory. In the 1960’s they started to stop the arms race to not destroy each other. The US decided to bleed the soviets like what happened to the US in Vietnam...
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