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November 7: Human Rights, Ethics and World Politics + Terrorism/Organized Crime Recap .docx

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Political Science

Politics essay week lecture notes Organized crime!!! Estimated organized crime on internatyional lvl brings in 1.5trill – 4bill is drug money Imports of drugs only second to imports of oil in usa Cartels in drugs and guns important component of international community... that in some countries drug cartels have a country – cartels corrupt the countries Afghanistan- important producer of opium, in 1970s.... prior to that it was region of golden triangle... southeast asia Largly produced by anti-communist in aisa – cia got in on action to stop communism – reached high point in Vietnam war. As conflicts ended.. opium in asia declined – lead to Afghanistan Afghan usewd drug money to finance war. There is no industry in afghan that can compete to opium production Opium cartels either have more finance than government... or government is in on the action Number of regions in the world that cartels control the governments... south America cocaine industry... Columbia. Columbia in civil f=war for last 30-40years. The FARC (largest colo militia) only controls 5% of drug trade... rest is maybe by thew gov or other militias. Mexico – 2 US embasy officials killed last years, same weekend 50 other ppl killed in the same city. US gives 1bill to mexico to fight drug trade... but that doesn’t do shit... drug money has more. The city near texas is the most violent city in the world – ciodaquarez. Most citizenz don’t live in the city, but live in texas. Mexico sent in 10,000 troops to that city, but it made it worse... the army is corrupt, same as the popos. Not a single murder there has been solved. 6 year period there vast mnajority of ppl deserted the military, 250,000 ppl deserted with their guns. Mexico is a failed state due to this. Connection between crime and terrorism... terrorists financed by drugs. Legalizing drugs has been seen as getting rid of crime... that theory. The drug problem is not a latin America problem... most drugs end up in USA. USA has the largest prison population in the worlkd... most by drugs. Non-violent drug crimes Organized crime made its biggest thing during prohibition. – outlawing alcohol. Organized crime rings flourished, till booze legal again. Best way to deal with drugs in America as a health issue, and legalize the drug trade. Instead of drug profits going to crime, it goes to government. Human rights, ethics, world politics Worlkd war 2 – not only war crimes, but also outrageous violations of human rights.. genocide. Violate basic ethic principles. Human rights law expanded since that war. Human rights laws before imposed by huge world powers.. ex. Romans Result of treaties and organizations – UN universal declaration of human rights. Rest of 1 fundamental function – UN in place to prevent interstate war. Institution of soverenty. Consists of soveren states. Human rights primarily violated by govns. Declaration is symbolic, but its there still – requires states to violate soverenty of allied states, so its rarely ever done. Libya – since 60s that guy that was the leader, kadafi – was like doing human rights bad shit. France tried to overthrow him, - after 911 – kadafi became an ally with bush administration to fight terrorism. Due to overthr
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