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November 21: Global Environmental Crisis + Globalization Recap.docx

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Political Science

Politics lecture notes nov 21 Easter island – this guy came across it on easter Sunday. Populated by primitive ppl, most primitive ppl he has ever seen... ppl living in caves, most ppl survive off cannibalism, constant warfare. There were signs on the island of a highly developed and sophisticated society that lived there before.... stone statues. Alot of ceremonial platforms made of stone, carved of various forms of writings, and aligned with star systems. Conclusion he said was that the ppl he encountered could not possibly be the result of the ppl that lived there. Anthropologists discovered that they were part of a movement of humans that populated pacific islands, 200 miles away from all land and trade routes.... those ppl brought with them the traditional crops and animals, and only things that survived was the sweet potatoe and polonesian chicken and rats. The 1 settlements of easter island was during decline of roman empire, it developed rapidly, and then followed to decline. There are no forests there currently, but there wer forests there one day to carry the stones across the island from the centre of the island which has the rock quarry mine. Populations on the easter islands had so much free time cuz food didn’t take alot of time to maintain, used it to please the gods. Tribes wer divided by size of earlobes, and were in competition of each other, and made statues to compete with each other. Eliminated forest faster than it can regrow, and soil was disappearing, they realized this, but could not put aside their differences. Once they killed the last tree, they were not able to leave the island or fish or anything. They fell into complete chaos and constant warfare. It is becoming more evident that we are doing the same thing on a larger scale as with easter island, we are destroying our resources. Un said global warming is going to cause large scale shit and human strife, and can lead to mainstreame warefare. In the last 50 years the human population polluted 2/3 of the world’s ecosystems in which humans depend on. The future strains of the ecosystems will result in major desease. The world bank predicted that by 2060 the world might go into a global fry... by going up 4 degrees. Un said that in 2011, the planet produced the highest amount of co2 ever, and it is impossible now to keep the planet under -4degrees. We are currently in a very similar situation to that of easter island. Melting of the arctic ice is related to that of sea levels rising, but that is not true cuz glaciers are expanded water and are ontop of water already. But sea levels are rising though It is estimated that the big oil giants have 27trillion dollars of energy sources In economics, there is a circular relation between households and firms. Households consume products that firms make. Firms pay wages to households and house get money back. Households save in firms, and firms give back to households with interest. How miuch a firm pollutes is external to their calculations of profit, so they still do it. Nature is at the bottom of economics, and it gives the economy energy and raw materials. The economy makes waste, and it
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