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November 28: Conclusions - Brief Semester Review.docx

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Political Science

Politics nov 28 Politic science is a field of scientific study... different way from natural science. In political science, there is no dominant paradime that dominates a feild of study... but competitions of the paradimes. Levels of disagreement go to the very basic of politics... like the definition of politics. We looked at allocations We looked at fundamental politics.. us vs the others.. confrontation of states. In feild of politics, feild of liberalism tends to be dominant... who gets what when where how? School of realism, dominant actors of states, amass as much power to get security. Zero sum gain. Critical approaches of politics.. Marxism, economic forces are dominant. Exploitation role of it, in international system and within states. Realists – humans for the most part are greedy and evil. Not prone to cooperation. Liberals – humans say humans are good and cooperative, but can be corrupted by circumstances Spread of democracy – the most states are less likely to go to war against each other. Liberals want states to cooperate as much as possible.... through trade.... states can specialize in the things that they do best..... by increasing trade
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