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International Terrorism

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Political Science

International Terrorism Research Paper Roughly 8 pages (2500 words) Double spaced 8 sources quality o Newspapers not academic sources o Journal articles, academic books academic sources o Government websites good for factual sources Citation No Can use first person Eliminating International conflict Less violentless destructive Just war principles States can legitimately go to war only in self-defense Decision to go to war has to be decided by those who have the authority Justice in War o Legitimate targets o General principle, discrimination distinguish combatants vs. non-combatants Air power strategic bombers WWII Largest practisers allied forces Germans lost control of air space Carpet bombing Restrictions on kind of weapons that can be used Biological and chemical weapons not been abandoned because provisions in international law because neither have been useful hard to control cant control wind Other prohibited weapons phosphorus substance produce great deal of smoke results in horrific burns Another cluster ammunitions bombs that contain little bomb-lets sometimes do not explode so that it remains dangerous hazard years later Land mines hundreds & thousands of mines scattered all around Cambodia Land mines designed to tear their leg off, not to kill them UN partially successful peacekeeper problematic UN not successful for preventing war o Make up of security council Realists tend to be pessimistic international law & particular international organizations are reflections of distribution of power within the international system powerful control less powerful
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