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Sept 13

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Political Science
Clifford Orwin

POL 200 Lec 1 Sept 13, 2012 (60‘s) modernity- progress, fleeting -authoritative/ popular today? no, postmodernity (architecture, thought, art) (present) postmodernity- not modern, no self definition -discontent/ lost confidence with modernism -carry on with modernity without really believing in it- irony -ex. chinese communism, irony b/c the government hold little faith in communism (rather chinese democracy) -losing faith in modern economy, environmentalism, science/ tech, nuclear peace -both crave/ fear technological modernization -religious struggle with postmodernity, west vs the rest -postmodernists think their idea of progress (after losing faith in the idea of progress of modernists) is more advanced than that of modernists Plato’s The Republic -writes in a conversational form because he wants you to partake in the con- versation/ argument -is that how i would reply? Is something wrong with said argument? -presents us with thoughts alternative to his own -there are different answers to anything, many possible contributions -progress is the result of combined contributions -the republic is best at articulating the problem of justice rather than the just the answer to it -Plato’s brothers are the characters at Socrates’ side, represent Plato -bow to the majority, not b/c they are wiser but because they are stronger and deaf to reason, accept the invitation -setting, the Pyreus seaport, an exchange of ideas b/w cultures of the Greek isles etc. -festival in honor of Bendus, throascian god, new, exotic, barbarous -modern idea entering Athens -the name Cephalos represents head -he is the head of his family, patriarch, what he says goes -just finished offering to traditional athenian gods POL 200 Lec 1 Sept 13, 2012 -tradition vs. innovation -Cephalos believes he and Socrates are related because they like to talk- prefer the pleasures of speech over bodily pleasure -only likes speech now b/c he is no longer able to have bodily pleasure -proud of being old b/c he aged better than his friends b/c of his good character -argues humans would be better w/o (aros) love/ lust
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