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POL200 republic notes

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Political Science
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Mark Lippincott

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POL200 Republic Notes Q: Does justice itself (stripped of its consequences) makes its possessor happier than injustice (stripped of its consequences)? Kallipolis  completely just city - locate justice in that city, then locate that in the soul Construction of the Ideal City 1. souls ruled by necessary appetites  why eat, drink, have sex o don’t fight for honour, nor philosophize to know the truth 2. the luxurious city  unnecessary appetites introduced (without them, city is impossible) o guardians  police (to prevent war from destroying city) o all members of city must specialize in the one craft they have the highest natural aptitude o education for his guardians  traditional: poetry, music  physical • traditional is first: should hear stories of heroes and Gods - injustice creates war and hatred can’t have it in a just city - however, the people that are unjust are more wealthy, and happier, and have more power - so injustice is required for happiness  the ideal city needs to be happy? What Must the Ideal City Have? - guardians must be implemented for the unnecessary appetites - cant tell the guardians stories about the Gods fighting, warring, plotting against each other - convince the people of the city that no citizen has ever hated one another and that it is impious to do so o like putting them in their own “cave” of darkness  omitting knowledge - God is good, not the cause of everything that happens to humans, but only the cause of the good things that happen o must find another source for the bad things that happens  not God - plans to lie to his people  lying is bad, thus unjust o how can a city be made on the basis of injustice? - second law: Gods cannot change form (into something worse as they themselves are the best) o no stories can be told about Gods walking the Earth in other forms - objective: make the guardians God-fearing and godlike - must not talk of Gods acting in a “not so good” manner – drunk, limping, etc. - must have the v
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