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POL200 oct 25

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Political Science
Mark Lippincott

POL200 October 25 th ESSAY QUESTION According to Plato, is the ideal regime, the luxurious city, desirable? Should we implement it? Why or why not? - 99% of scholars say YES - Lippincott says No - not record of actual dialogue creating a drama to get his point across (Plato) - disarm the counter-evidence The Cave Allegory - prisoners in cave when we lack education - no one could imagine something else  trapped - we are not aware that we are prisoners  no escape idea o who pulls?  unknown  indefinite force - education will seem like we are forced to look at fire  eyes are dazzled and pained o temporary, have to adjust to light (never seen before) o before you can adjust, dragged into a dark unlit difficult passage of world above  why pulled? Education is not something you are naturally drawn to  you will show resistance - looking at reflections in water to looking at source of all light (sun) o start to think about our formal life  persuade to return o no force, but no real option of staying in real world o no one can live completely in their thoughts - when re-entered cave, return to world of shadows  appear to be
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