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POL200 notes on plato

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Political Science
Mark Lippincott

Machiavelli Readings Private Letters #3 and #5 Prince: all Discourses: Book 1: all, pgs 167-287 Book 2: intro, 1-13 pgs 287-316 29-31 pgs 342-350 Book 3: 9-24 pgs 381-400 Life of CC: all pgs 518-547 H of flor: pgs 557-559 Art of flor: pgs 508-510 - Machiavelli states that although he respects the ancient sources he does not regard them as indisputable facts and therefore Machiavelli is not a historian but rather questions the ancients not in order to get history right but to recall something about human nature. - in the prince, what is he talking about? o seizing and maintaining power o there are 2 types of regimes  principalities: ruled by one ruler  ruled by citizens o dedicated the book to a prince – didn’t think Lorenzo was a great prince – opportunity – thought Lorenzo needed direction o Lorenzo’s brother was a pope – religious and political power were combined in Italy at the time o opportunity was to be seized o gave direction to Lorenzo in a way he wouldn’t be offended – hopes for a wider audience later in history but first needed to appeal to the prince o thought he could fix the chaos – Italy was fragmented – foreign domination (France, Spain) – political civil war, chaos – political corruption o willing to risk internal damnation to save Florence (where has born) o if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it – if there is something wrong, drastic action ill have to be taken  what you need under these conditions is someone who knows how to use violence well, you do not want a saint – preaching doesn’t work  human beings being what they are (according to him we are half human half beast) need a strong lion tamer to get them back in their cage once they have gotten out  he is not talking about killing the beast, he means to tame the beast to allow the human to come to its form - the prince is not a “how to” manual - politics is not a science – isn’t art – the universe is one in which things can change very rapidly - the prince is the supreme political actor who comes to the floor when the times require - however, at a certain point, the prince becomes irrelevant – the books get rid of him o why?
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