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POL200 nov 22

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Political Science
Mark Lippincott

POL200 November 22 nd Aristotle - books 3/4/5 constitute a core section - regimes come in 3 basic forms o ruled by the one: monarchy – has become an outdated form of government  monarchy becomes the veil of tyranny o ruled by the few: aristocracy  in their own interest - oligarchy o ruled by the many: democracy – in their own interest – perverted form - tension between oligarchy and democracy – cure is the regime of polity – ruled by the many in the interest of all o polity is the mixed regime – is the best possible/best practical regime o Aristotle’s goal – talks about the importance of polity and instruct on how to achieve and maintain polity o it is near impossible to achieve aristocracy - why does Aristotle keep using different terminology? - doesn’t have textual certainty – order of books/author - democracies tend to be quite violent – in the name of equality of property - oligarchy is the other corrupt/flaw regime o tend to become oppressive, hold on to their wealth o try to overthrow/defeat one another o greater power, ultimate control o excessive ambition o very tyrannical and oppressive towards the poor - how do we create the just regime that is also stable o justice is multidimensional - oligarchs – it is unjust to treat unequals as equals - wealth with actual merit – no problem with their principles, but how they apply them o do not like to be ruled – to control and direct others - instabil
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