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Political Science
Peter Loewen

September 10 Before America was AmericaBetween 2 and 18 million aboriginal AmericansComplex systems of governmentagriculture and tradeFederalism nds its roots in People of the Long House Complex transportation system worse in different ways better in others Federalism in nativeeffective systems in the people on long less thanremaining Disease eventually reduces Aboriginal populations dramatically250000 by the end of the 19th centuryContinued war and conict with settlers Two societies were in different paces werent ready for the EuropeansThe 13 coloniesSettled and founded between 1607 in Virginia and 1733 in GeorgiaFirst Jamestown VA then Plymouth MA Geography has shifted somewhat from today but by 1730s the colonies werelargely setColonies developed their own systems of government cultures and economiesIt was a long time to develop from British crown Jamestown VA to setting up a permanent colony They developed their own system way of life why develop differently Different places in Europe different times growing at different paces Geography demanded different types of economies leaving Europe more religious re
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