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Political Science
Peter Loewen

FederalismSeptember 30 Oct 1What is FederalismTraditionally federalism is contrasted withunitary systems In a unitary system of government sovereign authority resides with one government Key power is sovereign have the final authority in a jurisdiction It has one geographical areaone level of government France one sovereign government in territory has final sayIn federal system power is divided between two or more levels of governmentThey share territory sovereign by their own say overlap two levels of government have jurisdiction The citizen is government by both Ontario both overlapping level of geography domain federalstate level both sovereign in certain aspects Local government doesnt have sovereigntyEach level is sovereign in its own domains the quality of having independent authority over a geographic area such as a territoryFederalism in AmericaFederalism in America has oscillated between a dual federalism and a shared federalismOver time federalism has become increasingly sharedDual Federalism two levels of government sovereign in their own domain Example Canada federal government trade military provincial schools education Each level has specific things and dont overlapShared Federalism responsibilityjurisdiction is shared and overlap Now Canada federal government is involved in healthcare funds national standards originally the constitution gives health responsibility to the provinces but the provinces run the programs but is financed by the federal government and has national standards to uphold In America pushpull dual states have some rights federal government has others USA now federal government taking more control took power to make treatiestrade Brits trying to get some of the colonies to trade with them when federal government said no refer to slide on what is shared Couldnt have this because it would undermine authoritysovereignty no deals with other countries unless federal government agrees all powers not delegated to the federal government or denied by the states belong to the states unless its in the constitutionWhat does federalism solve
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