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Prisoner’s Dilemmas, Collective Action Sept 16/17.docx

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Political Science
Peter Loewen

Prisoners Dilemmas Collective Action Sept 1617The 13 colonies had two often competing motivationsSlavery existed everywhere but to varying degreesThe British eventually became intolerable but possibly by mistake 25 million during revolution surrounded by the Spanish FrenchBritish colonies Took 170 years from founding of James Town to the revolution The colonies were founded on different reasons economic commercial exploitationreligious motivations Variation of slavery geographic economic cirumstances lots of agriculture for cotton more likely that states of New England Politics study of how goods are distributed howwhy Assuming people are strategic people have preferences in relation to what others doIn the pursuit of an outcome class students on a rank have to be better than others P referencesStrategy But institutions matter mostPreferences The things we preferThey are always relationalThey should be rational Oranges better than apples Your preferences are complete dont have to say how strong you cant say I dont know By relational we mean that preferences are relative I prefer A to BThey should be rational I know that I prefer A to B and that I prefer B toC
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